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Hello Dear Readers,

I've gotten a few requests for upcoming release information.   As most of you know, I write em and release em as soon as they are done.  I also write fast, so it generally takes about two months per book.  (Unless I've been sick for several weeks with a nasty sinus infection. Ugh.  I am so glad to be done with that!)

Next up will be Book Two in the Orbs of Rathira series, Quest for the Sun Orb, which I hope to finish in the next couple of weeks.  The holidays tend to throw a wrench in the writing schedule though, so no promises.  As soon as that's done, the next book in the Soul-Linked Saga, The Falcorans' Faith is on the agenda.

By the way, for reading order on the Soul-Linked Saga, check out the Soul-Linked Saga page via  link above.

I've also gotten a couple of comments, and one review on Amazon, saying that the Vulpirans' Honor ended abruptly with much information missing.  I can't be sure, but it sounds to me like they/you didn't get the entire book.  So, if your copy of Vulpirans' Honor doesn't end with Nica in the butterfly scene, you might try deleting it from your device, then download it from your archive again and see if that does the trick.  
Guess that's about it for now.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Laura Jo

Just a quick and heartfelt THANKS! to everyone who has given Secrets Kept a try, and for all of the great feedback.  Your responses have been so wonderful and so inspiring!
Thank you so much, and Happy Holidays to Everyone of you!

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The Vulpirans' Honor
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Quest for the Sun Orb
Book Two in the Orbs of Rathira
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To Honor You Call Us
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