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 Hello Everyone!

Hello Dear Readers,

As some of you are partly aware, my family has had more than its share of tragedy these past eighteen months or so.  I apologize for being so lax on the website and the facebook page, but things are getting back to normal around here, so it'll get better.

Now to the exciting news!!

I've been working hard on the first book of a new series called The Hearts of ICARUS. This is a spin off of the Soul Linked Saga, set in the Thousand Worlds, and from time to time revisiting old friends.  

The first book is Nica's story, (no title as yet) which a lot of you have been asking for.  I don't like to give hard estimates for when a book will be finished because it's so hard to know for sure.  So, I'll just say that it's my intention to have it finished in three to four weeks.  

I'm very excited about this new series, and I hope you, my faithful and wonderful readers, will be as well.

Well, that's enough of a break for now.  I best get back to work if I'm gonna make that deadline!  I'll be popping over here to the website now and then in an ongoing effort to get it updated, but my priority is, first and foremost, to write the book.  

Happy Autumn Everyone! 

Laura Jo

Updates coming soon!


The Tigrens' Glory
Book Nine in the Soul-Linked Saga
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To Honor You Call Us
Book 1 of the Man of War Trilogy

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